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Folkway City High School

We have been with RSS since 2014. It’s a wonderful experience.They helped us set up and getting used to the modules phase by phase.An amazing solution, integrated processes, very user-friendly, affordable services.

Ideal Grammar High School

It’s been great working with RSS. All the same, you are doing a great job, keep it up.
We proud of you.

Al-Naqeeb Bright Future High School

I found that your software RSS is very useful for an educational institute. After using this software our work is going very smoothly. We are very satisfied with RIT for the reliable school software

The Joycation/Dewa Foundation

Since I, started the RSS service I, found that has simplified our tasks to a great extent and we would certainly recommend RSS school management software for schools, which would like to make their school administrative tasks much easy & manageable

ANES High school

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Its an amazing product with the immense amount of flexibility. Schools must try this software out for better efficiency.

Iqra Ruzatul Atfal

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Asif KakarChairman
Habib LangovChairman
Shaheryar Khan
Asgher KhanChairman
Khurram AslamChairman
Syed Nisar AhemedExecutive Manager BBIEC