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Reliable School Software Partnership Programs

We welcome the opportunity to build long-lasting, enriching and successful partnerships.
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Re-seller Partner

You can become a reseller partner with RSS by referring our unique product to different clients and when they become paid subscriptions for a yearly period we offer our partner a recurring commission. As a Reseller, your company purchases RSS licenses or services at favorable margins and then resells those to customers.

OEM Partners

Program solves a common problem faced by software product vendors. You want to embed analytics and reporting into your application, but you find conventional visualization tools too complex, charting packages too limited and business intelligence applications too expensive and hard to use.

Benefits & Resources

RSS enables partners to build new revenue streams, increase sales and recurring commissions to gain exclusive rights and resell RSS.

Partnering with RSS gives you access to exclusive pricing and offers that can help you move education institutions to a web-based solution – providing financial savings and additional revenue opportunities.

RSS enables partners to productize services, expand service offerings, master sales, and marketing and deliver a complete end-to-end solution to education institutions

Access high marketing materials that you can use to help promote RSS.

Service for City


Quetta City

We are providing the service from last 5 years in Quetta Balochistan.


Karachi City

Reliable School Service Coming Soon


Lahore City

We are providing the service in Lahore. A unique and reliable solution for the schooling system and institutions.


Islamabad City

We are providing the service from last 2 years in Islamabad Capital of Pakistan .


Peshawar City

Reliable School Service Coming Soon


Faisalabad City

Service coming soon in Faisalabad.


Gujranwala City

Our Reliable School Service are available in Gujranwala from last year.

Bagh Azad Kashmir

Bagh Azad Kashmir

Our Reliable School Service is available in Bagh Azad Kashmir from last year.